About Us

Regional Road Express was established in July 2000. We have developed a dynamic management team who all work on the frontline with a total hands-on approach to operating the business.

About Regional Road Express

Regional Road Express understands the importance of Information Technology and has created a strong emphasis on its use with the provision of each of the support IT processes supporting our delivery & distribution processes. At its inception Regional Road Express identified the strong demand the country NSW & ACT distribution market required for I.T. Support services and introduced an environment of track and trace technology throughout regional NSW & ACT that provides all the necessary technology to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and transparency. More recently, Regional Road Express have expanded and are now able to offer a nation-wide service utilising their national distribution network.

Our current customer list covers the following market segments:

  • Telecommunications
  • Photographic
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Automotive / Parts
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Engineering
  • Clothing
  • Manufacturing




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